Equipment Financing

Westfield Funding can help finance virtually any equipment for any industry. Get the equipment you need to succeed without a down payment.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Westfield Funding can help your business purchase a new location or leverage your commercial real estate to help finance your business growth.

Vehicle Loans

Westfield Funding can help your company finance any kind of vehicle acquisition required for operating your business.

Westfield Funding can help your business grow

Westfield Funding takes the time to understand your company. We always ensure that you get the personal attention and industry expertise you need. This allows us to work with you on multiple financing options and to help you select and secure the most appropriate loan product for your situation.

Business Success Stories


A growing manufacturer received its largest ever order of $13 million from a Fortune 500 company. Sadly, they realized that several problems needed to be resolved in order to be able to accept this order. The factory needed $1.2 million for materials and inventory, $1.6 million to upgrade some of their CNC machines, and about $600,000 for additional space and staff. To make matters worse, the company making the purchase typically paid their invoices 90 days later, which meant that the factory would have to cover almost $3 million of expenses over this 90-day period. Despite the enormous profit potential, the factory’s bank turned down their request for financing, due to the sheer size of the loan requested. It looked like the factory owners would have to turn down the biggest growth opportunity in the history of their company.

Medical Office

A radiologist who had been working at a hospital for five years wanted to start a radiology clinic with two colleagues. They only had a combined $300,000 in savings to cover almost $5 million in expenses. Their goal was to buy an existing medical office building for $1.9 million and purchase $2.5 million of MRI, X-ray, and other medical equipment. The doctors’ bank declined their loan request because they would not provide this much financing for a startup.

Trucking Company

A small trucking company with a fleet of eleven trucks signed a large new contract with another company to handle all of their logistics and transportation. The contract would bring in approximately $12 million annually. However, the trucking company needed an additional 30 trucks ($4.5 million) as well as 40 trailers ($3.8 million) and 10 forklifts ($810,000). The additional workforce expansion would cost them an estimated $400,000 per month. They also needed to purchase a storage facility ($900,000) for the new equipment. Unfortunately, the trucking company was turned down by their bank, due both to the size of the contract versus past revenue history, as well as prior credit issues.

Are you a vendor that would like to help your customers finance their new equipment purchases?

Vendor Testimonials

Westfield Funding saved my sale. The finance company I was referring my clients to took a full week to decline my customer. Stan at Westfield Funding, got my customer approved the same day he applied.  



My clients constantly thank me for introducing them to Westfield Funding. I like knowing that my clients always get first class service and get my deals closed fast and without a lot of hassle.


Account Executive

Our truck dealership started referring Westfield Funding client to finance the vehicles we were previosly sendng to a different financing company and we immediately saw more customers getting approved thus increasing our business.


Dealership Sales Manager